Natural Gas

Our office undertakes the study and installation of natural gas at home and industrial level using the latest technology boilers for greater savings.

Why use natural gas?

By using natural gas every day at home, you enjoy the significant benefits it offers:

  1. Economy: Natural gas is, over time, the most economical option and the best energy investment over time for the home consumer by offering competitive tariffs for conventional energy (oil, electricity, etc.). The savings from natural gas in heating exceed 40% compared to heating oil.

  2. Ease of use: Gas is available whenever you need it through the installed network. You do not have to order or be on hand to pick it up and you always pay only as you consume. The operation of gas appliances is simple and offers convenience and comfort in your everyday life (eg providing hot water when you need it).

  3. Clean and save space: Natural gas does not require a tank facility while freeing off unpleasant odors and oil residues.

  4. Reduced device maintenance costs: Clean gas burning ensures reduced device maintenance costs and longer service life.

  5. Accuracy in post-consumption measurement and charging: Consumption is measured accurately according to the meter readings, just like the consumption of PPC and EYDAP. Unlike the oil paid on receipt, the payment of the gas bills takes place after consumption.

  6. Environmental friendliness: Natural gas is the cleanest and least polluting fuel. Its use contributes significantly to reducing the greenhouse effect. It does not contain sulfur compounds that pollute the environment and cause the phenomenon of acid rain.

- Cooking
Cooking more delicious, faster and more economical.
Kitchen and gas go together. All famous chefs create only natural gas and this is not at all accidental. All your favorite recipes become more delicious, since you have every moment of absolute control over the intensity of the energy that bakes, boils or fries. Hobs do not need warming up and the speed of cooking is impressive. The difference in electricity compared to electricity is great, while the difference in food delight is 100%!

- Hot water
Always have plenty of hot water as soon as you want it, without waiting! The water heats up at the same time you turn on the tap and only as much as you need without wasting energy. With natural gas you have absolute comfort and economy in relation to electricity!

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